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【IC-DIL Webinar】2020年度“深部生命亮点论文”及“思源海洋-深部生命新星”获奖者系列讲座(一)

【IC-DIL Webinar】第一期:

演讲者:Dr. Tobias Vonnahme

演讲题目:“Effects of a deep-sea mining experiment on seafloor microbial communities and functions after 26 years”

时间:2021年4月14日 北京时间21:00

ZOOM会议室:630 068 69230    密码: 392274




Future supplies of minerals for global industries with high-tech products may depend on deep-sea mining. However, environmental standards for seafloor integrity and recovery from environmental impacts are missing. We revisited the only midsize deep-sea disturbance and recolonization experiment carried out in 1989 in the Peru Basin nodule field to compare habitat integrity, remineralization rates, and carbon flow with undisturbed sites. Plough tracks were still visible, indicating sites where sediment was either removed or compacted. Locally, microbial activity was reduced up to fourfold in the affected areas. Microbial cell numbers were reduced by ~50% in fresh “tracks" and by<30% in the old tracks. Growth estimates suggest that microbially mediated   biogeochemical functions need over 50 years to return to undisturbed levels. This study contributes to developing environmental standards for deep-sea mining while addressing limits to maintaining and recovering ecological   integrity during large-scale nodule mining.